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The OmAge founded in 2018


Debra Kochanczyk



"Making The Rest Of Your Life...The best of your life"

A Woman's guide to the Beauty of Age


"Radiance Retreats"

Women's Health & Wellness Retreats set in the stunning beauty of Tuscany, Italy

Founder of Registered Yoga School

The Omage International 200hr Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher


E-RYT 500



Health & Wellness coach

Meditation Guide

Stress Management Consultant

Yantra Artist

Debra Founded

The Omage to create a community of like minded women.

A community that shares insights, wisdom, truths  knowledge  and experience to help and enable women on their Journey Of Life.

"We Want All Women to enjoy health, harmony and happiness."

The Omage know That maturity is a gift and a privilege many will be denied.

The OmAge believe...that a woman's beauty grows with the passage of time

The OmAge  Inspires, Motivates, Encourages and supports all women to live their lives to the fullest.

The OmAge is honoured and privileged to have worked with hundreds of women from all around the globe.

We have been blessed by  wonderful friendships and community spirit that keeps us working harder to improve and expand our services

 in order to serve you in the best possible way.  


Senior Fashion Portrait
IMG_6236 2.JPG
 "Age is the map of Life...
Made of memories, stored images, emotions and experiences.
Aging needs to be celebrated...Every moment, every day, every year!
Age is the proof we have lived."

Diana Von Furstenberg
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