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The Secret
To Mindfulness & Peace oF Mind
The OmAge

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I cannot emphasize enough the importance of building a meditation, reflection, or comtemplation  practice into  your daily life.
The rewards are too bountiful and plentiful to mention here,  from reduced stress, lowering blood pressure, aiding in a good night sleep, and enhancing clarity, calmness and inner harmony. And, of course, a way for you to center your self and feel calm, balanced and in control.
Meditation offers so much for so little.
I mention reflection or contemplation because any form of turning your gaze inward has an amazing and calming effect on our health and well being.
Firstly, Find a space in your home or if possible outside in nature.
  Make sure you will not be disturbed
and turn off all media and connections!
If you can sit comfortably on the floor, that is great, if not sit on a chair, making sure that both feet are on the floor, you can rest your hands on your thighs.
Bring awarenes to your breathing.
Try to stay focused on your breath!  Be aware of how your thoughts can take you all around the world and into places you need not be!  Keep bringing your awareness back to your breath and find that inner space that is always calm, that space that you can visit any time you want, that space which is safe and which no one else can enter unless you invite them!
If you begin with just 5 mins a day and gently lengthen the time spent in meditation you will Ffnd  a sea of bliss, where the white swans of your soul take their joy!
If you are unsure or feel that you need some more guidance 
Please connect with me, I can send you a FREE guided contemplation, reflection or meditation to help you get started.
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