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Aromatheapy Oils

Nature Knows Best

The Secret to being an Ageless Beauty is to care about yourself and fall in love with offering your body only natural gifts from our planet.

This includes what you put in your body and what you put on your body.

 Natural Skin Care, and Hair Care are a must.


.Many mature women have issues with thinning or balding hair during their Change of Life and Maturity.

Many continue to dye their hair with harsh chemicals and frequently use gels and sprays.

Avoid these chemical products and hair dyes altogether!

There is a corrulation to hair loss!

Go Natural...Enjoy your authentic self. You actually save a lot of time and a lot of money.

Natural skin care  is also easy and cost effective.

This is my favourite natural facial scrub, and it is so easy to make.

The OmAge Glow 

Mix together in a small bowl, mashed strawberries, plain yogurt, a squeese of lemon and teaspoon of honey.

The naturally occuring acids and vitamins in the ingredients will help to exfoliate, smooth and refresh your skin.

Body Love.

Exfoliate your body by dry brushing the skin.  This stimulates and clears dry and dead skin, it encourages blood supply and circulation.

Upon completion and after a shower, apply your favourite natural oil, I love almond oil, but coconut or olive oil is also good. Try to do this self love treatment once a week;

 You will feel the difference in the texture of your skin.


Less is More

A Secret to remember... Less is more! This is so true as we navigate the Change Of lIfe and Maturity. As I have already need to fall in love with all that is natural and pure that you put on your skin and into your body.


We at The OmAge often get asked as to what make up is best for a maturing face and how to apply makeup for ageing skin,!


Our answer...get rid of all your sticks, glues, lashes, nails, liners, blushes and war paint!!!

Liberate yourself...

As we mature less is more...

Clean and glowing skin is far more attractive than caked on makeup and over worked eyes and lips!.

Like wise with hair care, extensions, wigs, sparkly clips and ornate head dressings, which do become strangely out of place!

Instead invest in a good hair cut that enhances your unique and beautiful face, there are so many funky and flattering hairstyles

available today...Have fun and experiment. 

And finally your clothing! Just because you are mature does not mean that you lose your style and flair.

Of course, thigh high boots and short skirts is not the way to go!!

Create a wardrobe that is elegant and stylish,  go for quality, choose natural fabrics that fit well and Look elegant.

Comfortable shoes are a must...high heels do become quite hazardous as we age...and are so bad for our posture and our backs! 


Natural Beauty

The secret to finding your peace of mind...Get outside in nature, and the natural world, turn your phone off and just be..

Be alone with your thoughts, away of distractions, noise pollution, light pollution and other peoples pollution.

If you live inner city, or in an apartment, there are always green places or parks. that you can go to and enjoy.

Tune into to the natural world and you will automatically feel calm and be able to release the stress and strains of life.

Look to the beauty that surrounds you, listen to the beauty of stillness and silence.

It is hard to be angry and unhappy when you understand that you are part of something much bigger than yourself.

I also love to take off my shoes and be barefoot as often as I can, walking on grass and the earth is so natural and therapeutic.

So, today...get into our beautiful world and be with the source of all life...

Learn to be quiet...and you will realise have much you have talked.

Learn to listen...Opportunity knocks quietly!

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