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“Thanks Debbie;
You used to be my inspiration in my crazy busy hotel management years…I used to run away and surrender to your classes.
Thank you”

– N.B.




“Your classes are legendary”


– D.W.B.



“Love U Debbie;
U are the one that makes us whole.
I changed my job because of you and your awareness.
Thank you,”


– N.T.




“I want to thank you for all your energy and every word you have brought me.
Your voice was in my mind all the time.
I love you and the journey you have led me to.”


– I.S.


I recently had the pleasure of registering for the Program “Aging with Grace”, a women’s workshop, with my yoga teacher and TheOmage Founder, the incredible Debra Kochanczyk. A program that consists of 5 sections based on the five Elements of Nature: Earth, Fire, Water , Air and Space; and how wonderful our aging process could be incorporated/related to them.

I found this program important and turning point for my life. It definitively enhanced my way of looking at ageing and also at the physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual changes that I have to confront with the passing of time.

Debbie takes us on a ride where she introduces to us what really means aging. She confronts us with a cruel reality. She opens our eyes with a non-sugar coded way to see what will come to us. She makes us realize that we have to prepare for it and what specific points to think of to do that. Then she wisely takes us to understand that -it’s OK-, and that we women have all the wonderful possibilities to take that future into our hands and make the best of it. Debbie makes us see a bright and invigorating future that actually could become our true sunset years.

I highly recommend it. It’s self-empowering and definitely is adding quality to my life and my future. I also will recommend to watch her videos of each element many times, because they are full of very wise messages that will come to you more, every time you hear them.

Thank you Debby and TheOmage team, I can assure you that you are touching very positively women’s lives with this great program. I’m on my 50’s and I want to be prepared for my future years, this program really makes me plan ahead to be able to enjoy fully that magnificent stage of my life.


– Love, JB
April 27-2-2019
Sarasota FL,USA

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