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34 Days, 18 hours...Into Quarantine

The church bells ring again and again as thousands are laid to rest! The air is heavy with loss...And still the Covid -19 Virus is wreaking it destruction across Italy and the globe.

Here, in Italy we wait and pray, that as promised, there will be a time, that we can venture out and begin our new normal way of life.

In order to offer some insight in how to deal with lock down, quarantine and or isolation, allow me to share with you some insights as to, how to cope in this unique and unsettling times.

My background is in Stress Management and professional relaxation, including Yoga and Meditation.


The reality begins to set in, we move into fight or flight mode, survival, supplies and security are our main issues...a time of adrenaline and action.

A new situation for all of us to adapt to...and that is what we do! we must adapt,

It is easy to feel anxious and allow our thoughts to be rampant, playing out all possible as to all the possible scenarios.

Our stress levels of course become elevated.


It for me, was hard...I am separated from my two sons by thousands of miles....However, as this situation changes rapidly, I heard from friends that were stranded in different parts of the world unable to get home, I found myself worrying about them!!

Around this time Stress Levels begin to manifest in anxiety, sleepless nights, headaches, irritability, frustration and even anger...

How could this be happening!


There is no end in sight...the promises are fading away...the death toll keeps climbing!

Accepting your new challenges and becoming active in your isolation really helps...

You must use this time wisely. The internet has amazing courses being offered for free, many are sharing workouts, recipes and solutions to help ease the boredom and cabin fever.

You can meditate, enter chat rooms, express yourself, catch a class of yoga, or a cup of coffee in a virtual room...

However, the problem is that we are still feel stressed!


NO...Another week or 10 days!!!

Now, we are frustrated and working hard to deal with our boredom and isolation.

When will it all end...Will life ever be the same again?

The group classes and inspiring words and thoughts actually become annoying and not working as they did the last week!

Stress still mounts...

SO....What can be done!!

Firstly, you must understand that STRESS and the many, many ailments of being STRESSED

can be mindfully brought under control!

Firstly, recognise that stress is a symptom, as is insomnia, anxiety and all the others feelings and emotions we are going through in this unsettling time.

These are symptoms ...not the cause! Like the cough or sore throat we have when we have a common cold. The cold is itself, the cause of our symptoms,!

Likewise all the things we are feeling in this instance are the result of the Covid -19 Virus.

When we understand that on a basic level, then we can act accordingly.


Be informed, but allow only a short time to be updated, hours and hours listening to negative news and seeing negative images will only add to your stress levels.

Make an effort to keep a positive mindset. Look for positivity on social media, again allow time but switch it off....Your self needs you right now, it needs your undivided attention.

Give yourself permission to enjoy, the rest, enjoy your time, enjoy that book or enjoy being might surprise yourself!

Try not to look at this time as a prison sentence...instead look to it as your own personal retreat.

Your very own time of growth and strength.

Repeating a positive mantra when you feel your levels of stress elevating helps to calm the mind and the spirit.

Let me share a mantra that has helped me...

I am safe, I am peaceful, I am protected.

I am safe, I am peaceful, I am protected.

I am safe, I am peaceful, I am protected.

Stay Healthy, in Mind, Body and Spirit,

With Hope,



Ageing With Grace

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