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Ageless Beauty

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Take a look in the mirror...Rather than focus on the details, let your eyes relax, soften your focus. Smile and take a deep breath...look softly to your eyes. There within lies your younger self. Connect to that child within, she has much to share with you.

Ageing is a normal and desirable part of life. Ageing gracefully and well in our bodies and in our minds is what most of us want...And as with most things in life, we would like to look good doing it!

We must however stay focused on our inner beauty, our inner strength, our inner wisdom.

We must cultivate a joyous spirit and stay young at heart.

A beautiful face will change with time, a beautiful body will be but a dream...but a beautiful heart radiates a beauty that does not diminish with age...on the contrary, it grows with the passage of time.

The Beauty Of A Woman Lingers Long After She Has Left The Room

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