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Your Sunset Years Await You!

The Beauty of Age...

There is a certain point in life...On no particular day...Or at no particular time that the universe will gently whisper in your ear... that TIME is of the essence now.

This generally occurs around the time of Menopause or The Change Of Life. We are reminded of something we may have forgotten. We discover a new experience of what it means to be truly grateful and to feel connected to something much bigger than ourselves.

We now have much respect for our journey and for the precious Gift Of Life.

Age is for sure a wonderful experience, we have lived our lives, we have weathered the seasons of our lives.

We now view the world and view others with wise eyes and a gentler spirit...We know only too well the hills and valleys of life, the pain and the happiness, the failures and triumphs.

We are now warriors, we have earned each wrinkle! We must wear them with pride along with our sliver/grey hair.

I love this time of life...I feel liberated from the cultural conditioning we are all subject to.

I am free from the superficial world of what is considered to be the perfect woman

I no longer care about what others think of me...I am comfortable in my soul.

I now have time for myself, for my passions, for my wants and my needs. I do not need to prove or impress others...I am FREE!

It is time for us to Change the way that we as a society view Age and the Ageing process.

It is not something to be feared or dreaded...It is a joy and a privilege denied too many.

Start today to change your thoughts and your mindset. Begin to embrace your passage of time, she is your friend.

I can assure you that as you pass through the Change Of Life and on into maturity, that Age is a blessing and a gift. An amazing time of growth and strength.

The OmAge is pleased to announce that you can view a FREE MASTERCLASS PRESENTATION designed by women for women, to help them as they navigate their Change Of Life.


Debbie at The OmAge

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