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A Golden Opportunity

Let us all take this golden opportunity, to repair and restore!

An Ancient & Beautiful Japanese Saying...

"When a bowl is broken or damaged in Japan, it is put back together by filling the cracks with gold. This is to emphasise the beauty in what was once broken. They believe that when something has suffered, been damaged or has a history...

This is exactly what makes it more beautiful!

KIntsugi: Recognizing Beauty in broken things.

The same applies in reality to human beings...everything that you have been through, and everything you are going through does not make your life uglier! It may at times seem like that when you are going through it.

However, it is for us to choose to paint our struggles with gold and make them beautiful and inspiring. You are not broken beyond repair, you can pick yourself up, repair and become a better person because of your struggles.

No body has had a perfect life and no body ever will. It is up to us to paint and repair something that could be ugly into something that is beautiful and inspiring"

This is such a beautiful way to look at the current situation happening now around our globe.

It seems as if everything is broken and we all feel hopeless in how to piece together and feel whole again in our lives.

However, when external factors shift, we do have an opportunity to rediscover our core and reconstruct our very essence.

This is exactly why this is a golden opportunity...the world has an opportunity to create something beautiful out of something that is ugly.

We as humans have the choice to become a better version of ourselves.

As we navigate this ever changing and unsettling time...

Think about the Golden Opportunity... Become the most beautiful, inspiring and New Golden You!

Take care of yourselves and stay healthy in mind, body and spirit.


The OmAge



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