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Age is so much more than... Just a number!

I must say that during my 30's 40's and even 50's, I really did not spend too much

time thinking about my sunset years. I was too busy living life. I could see the physical changes occurring with the passage of time, but I was unprepared for this new stage of growth!

GROWTH ? You may say...grey hair, wrinkles and illnesses are not growth!

Well, thats not exactly true.

The Truth, is in fact, that Ageing is not lost youth, but a new stage of growth and strength.

It can be a joyous journey that leads you to a deeper understanding of who you really are.

Please remember that your journey into maturity, could be a wonderful transformation; like a butterfly leaving it's cocoon, you are shedding the superficial and constraining boundaries imposed upon you by those who promise to halt, freeze, delay, reverse or even change the ageing process.

Grey hair, sagging skin and a little weight gain do not mean that you are going rapidly downhill!

Your face carries all your memories, your body has been your vehicle of life, your spirit has been witness to the good , bad and indifference of the human experience...

If you think that Age is something to be feared or dreaded, let me assure you that Age, is in fact something to look forward to; A special time of Truth, Understanding and Wisdom.

The greatest discovery of our time...

Is that we can change our future, by merely changing our thoughts and attitudes!

Be Proud, Be Passionate, Be Positive....Make the rest of your life the best of your life.

Blessings, to you all,



For More Information:

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